Monday, September 17, 2018


In the first bit i felt brave and kind of excited when i saw the volcano i started to tell other people the volcano was ginormous it was cool cause it looked like we were about to fall and  i was hanging it looked like a creepy man but it was just me about to jump of then i was launched all the way down then it reversed then i had to pass it it was the best.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Pepeha video

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Tongan games

On Tongan game day everybody was playing Tongan games i was playing tug of war it was George vs Keru george won cause Kerus hand was getting burn next it was Dyson vs Metui then Metui won cause dyson could not take anymore strength then the last one was Tipene vs Michael Michael won cause i had slippery shoes then everyone said nice game.

Writing good/bad intros

WHO: Room 7
WHAT: played the maths game
WHEN: Thursday 14th September
WHERE: in the hall
WHY: to practice our maths skills
HOW: we walked there, in teams of 6.

Bad Intro:  Room 7 played maths games in the hall
*notice how the information are all in separate sentences* - don’t do that, it’s boring to read.

On Thursday morning (the 14th September 2018), Room 7 walked out the to the hall to play the maths game. Room 7 plays this game so we can practice our maths skills and have a bit of a running around break.
*Put the information into sentences TOGETHER. Much better to read*

WHO: Me and my family
WHAT: went to the beach
WHEN: Saturday 8th September
WHERE: Mission bay
WHY: to have fun and enjoy the sunshine
HOW: drove in the car
Intro:me and my family went to the beach on 8th of september it was at mission bay we went in a car to get there and enjoyed the sunshine

WHO: me and my best friend
WHAT: went to the movies and had lunch
WHEN: on Sunday 9th September
WHERE: Sylvia Park
WHY: for my birthday
HOW: mum dropped us off in the car
Intro: I went to sylvia park with my best friend called leon we went to the place with movies that was on the left side.

WHO: Me and my family
WHAT: went to nana’s house
WHEN: after church on Sunday 9th September
WHERE: nana’s house in Panmure
WHY: to have lunch together, help plan for cousins 21st party
HOW: drove in the van
Intro: Me and my family went to my nana's house after church it was on the 9th of september .



WHAT: went to the museum
WHO: Rooms 5,6,7,8. Parent helpers were Lisi and Harriet.
WHEN: Wednesday 12th September 2018.
WHERE: Auckland Museum, The Domain.
WHY: Our inquiry topic is about natural disasters, so went to see the volcano room.
HOW: bus.

  • Did the roll and go into groups - went to the hall. Our parent helpers were Lisi (Lily’s mum) and Harriet (Reigns nana). Mrs F talked to us. Got on the bus.
  • Morning tea, put our bags away, museum people told us the rules.

  • Ancient stuff - century, clothes
  • Maori court - waka, treaty of waitangi, weapons, greenstone, taniwha, tattoo, Marae took a picture. Take our shoes off. Bone. taiaha.
  • Pasifika stuff  - Moana boat, Tonga sign photo, touching the water.

  • Volcano room - shaking, screamed, laughed, rock statue, pumice, obsidian, basalt, lifting up the rocks, musical rocks hit with the hammer, fake volcano and ash cloud, Pompei lady, lava bomb, lava tree, lights flickered, watching the news,
  • Weird and wonderful - kids playing with bones, turtle shells, spiders, kiwi, coloured, cool camera thing, stairs with bean bags, soft animals, fake bats.
  • Dinosaur room - shark hanging from the roof, bones, fossils, eggs, cave, birds, bats. Took a class photo. Kiwi. wetas. Insects. Snakes.

  • War stuff - weapons, massive torpedo in a fake submarine, guns, gun noises playing, lots of names of people who died in the wars, aeroplanes - Spitfire and a Zero. prime ministers and presidents pictures. Hitler. World war 2 - benghazi, alamein, allies and axis. Badges that people wore or they earnt. Telephones that you could listen to people talking.
  • Butterfly room - coloured butterflies, took a photo of kids with the wings, getting hungry and tired.

  • Met down in the lobby, waited for the other classes, went to the field, ate our lunch, played games.
  • Went to the bus at 1.30pm.
  • Came back to school  - arrived at 2pm.

  • Exhausted but had a really good day.
  • My highlight was…..


On wednesday 12 of september we went to the museum for our inquiry natural disasters. Room 5,6,7,8 and parent helpers came the museum was in the city we went there on a bus everyone was singing tongan songs. Then when we got there we had to tell the man at the museum the rules the first thing we went in was olden day furniture. we looked at the plates and cups they had pictures on it that people looked like in the old in days.

Next we went to the maori place there was a big canoe
Green stones carving and all other maori stuff it was cool there i went and slided under it while no one was looking then we got to go around the red poster it was alright cause we could come back the other side.

Then we went to all the pacific stuff we saw a little village and pretended like it was fortnite there was a couch that we could sit on cause we were bored of walking around we saw a little boat with fake water with glass over it then we went to the toilets cause everybody needed to go

Then we went to a play room where u can colour play and rest upstairs after when we finished that we went outside on the field to play games we all were racing then the bus arrived it was a very cool day.


Today 11th of September we made a tent. None kapa haka people did it i could not help because i did not no how to do it so i waited. We were all like this is hard but we keep on trying until we got there it was fun i locked people out of it pretended to sleep then they wanted to lock us inside but we got out it was fun we put the poles through the holes and i did not no after. It was time to pack up it was fun

Sunday, September 2, 2018